Saint Aubin Extra Premium Vanilla Rum

Subtle combination on the basis of rum and vanilla.
0,7 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Saint Aubin Extra Premium Vanille Rum
Country: Mauritius
Category: Rum-based spirit
Alcohol: 40%
Characteristics: Tasty, generous and sugary.
Drink recommendation: Pure on ice, for mixing cocktails.

In the midst of the southern slopes of the island of Mauritius Pierre de Saint Aubin decided to build up a sugar cane plantation in 1819. The family enlarged the portfolio fast and tea, agricultural products and rum are also produced next to sugar.

The Terroir of the plantations is optimal for the sugar cane. Radiant sunshine, ideal amounts of rain and the volcanic floor are the perfect basis for an excellent sugar cane juice. The cautious distillation and resources protecting dealing with nature contribute to the success of the rum production.

Rhum Agricola is exclusively produced at Saint Aubin, a rum distilled out of sugar cane juice and not of molasses.

The Artisanal Distillery
On the search for the highest quality the Artisanal Distillery was built up. Here innovation, tradition and human knowledge clash to produce a special rum. Only select sugar cane juice is distilled here in the pot still method to a rum which is then barrel stored for the completion.

The Traditional Distillery
Light rum is produced out of sugar cane juice in the main distillery of the family business in the so-called column Still method.  

Further details
Country of origin: Mauritius
Company: Saint Aubin Ltée
Address: Rivière des Anguilles
Distributor: Fancy Food & Lifestyle e.K
Address: Dieselstrasse 4, 84030 Landsgut, Germany