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Olmeca Altos Reposado

0,7 liter - 38% ABV
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Article: Olmeca Altos Reposado
Country: Mexico
Region: Jalisco, Anandas
Producer: Jalisco Destilería Colonial
Alcohol: 38%
Characteristics: From 100% of a blue agave. Matured for at least 6 months in ex-bourbon barrels. It is then reduced on drinking strength with demineralized water.
Colour: Amber gold
Flavour: In the nose fruity fresh with sweet citrus noteses (orange and grapefruit), notes of cooked agave, vanilla and wood, completing a complex flavour through itself.
Taste: Sweet tones let themselves be seen at the palate with tannins and citrus noteses, firm body.
Finish: The end is long lasting with a fine balanced combination of sweetness, vanilla and wood notes.
Drink recommendation: e.g. with orange and cinnamon.

The " Los Altos region " lies in Jalisco in the Mexican highland. The red, fertile soil and the special climate produce blue agaves of first quality. The Olmecs already knew this. And therefore the blue agaves are exactly here reaped for Olmeca.

The blue agave must grow 7 years before it can develop its whole strength. The mature agave is only then divided off above the root and freed from its leaves with utmost care. Today like 3000 years ago the agave heart, the Piña, is still exposed by the hand of experienced men and women.

The production of the tequila is carried out according to a traditional method. The Piña is cooked for 3 days before it is crushed and squeezed out in the traditional wheel press, the Tahona, with the help of a volcano stone, a slow method at which the purity can be checked any time very well. The syrup won so is caught in oak barrels and fermented with yeast. The arisen syrup then gets twice distilled. So it is guaranteed that no strange flavours disturb the pure quality. Distilling twice reveals the true tequila flavour first.

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Country of origin: Mexico
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