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Bokma Jonge Graanjenever Vierkant 1,0 Liter

Typically taste.
1 liter - 35% ABV
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Article: Bokma Jonge Graanjenever Vierkant 1,0 Liter
Country: Netherlands
Producer: Bokma
Alcohol: 35%
Drinking temperature: Serve chilled.

For the production of Jenever a malt wine is won made of barley, corn and rye by malting next to fermenting and triple distillation. This malt wine is distilled over junipers. Through this the Jenever gets its brave taste.

Only because of the different malt wine amount one distinguishes the yellow, traditional "Oude Jenever" with his high malt share of the white, modern "Jonge Jenever" with his less malt wine amount.

List of ingredients: Water, corn alcohol, malt wine, antioxidant: Citric acid, distillate of malt wine and juniper berries.
E numbers: E330.
Further details
Country of origin: Netherlands
Company: Bokma Distillateurs B.V.
Address: Postbus 1591, 1000 BN Amsterdam