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Bodegas de la Cuesta Pedro Ximenez

Very sweet and soft with exquisite bouquet.
0,75 liter - 17% ABV
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Contains sulphites
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Article: Bodegas de la Cuesta Pedro Ximénez
Country: Spain
Region: Jerez
Category: Sherry, very sweet
Classification: DO
Producer: José de la Cuesta
Grape variety: Pedro Ximénez
Alcohol: 17%
Residual sugar: 418 g/l
Acid: 4.7 g/l
Colour: Vague, non-transparent mahogany clay, almost black colour.
Flavour: A bouquet of sweet raisins, sultanas and dried figs. Very much sweeten and soak at the palate.
Taste: Taste after raisins which easily reminds of sweet grape juice. Extensive symbiosis out of exquisite liquorice and roasted coffee.
Special: Serve chilled at room temperature. Opened once the sherry shall be stored in the refrigerator and drunk within a week.
Drink recommendation: This Sherry is part of a classic dessert in Jerez: He is done as sauce to ice cream melting softly. Ideal after a menu with vanilla ice-cream or gingerbread (extensive drying up fruit flan).

The Pedro Ximénez grapes are cultivated in the best vineyards of Jerez. The grape bundles are dried in the sun to concentrate the best aroma and the flavouring substance. On an average of 10 years aged this sherry is a special choice of best Soleras of the wine producer in El Puerto de Santa Maria. Every year only a limited number of this Pedro Ximénez is filled into bottles.

At first one gets a dry white wine from the fermentation of the type of vine Pedro Ximénez with an alcoholic content of 11 to 13 per cent. This young wine is graded up with spirit of wine on the desired alcoholic content and filled into a 500 litre barrel. At first for a year this wine matures. After that it is improved and blended in a special method, the "Solera (y Criadera)" system.

The label Cuesta has its origin in the famous sherry house José de of La Cuesta which is in the possession of the Caballero family since 1932. Furthermore the Caballero family has the prestige wine-growing estate Viña Herminia which already founded its first wine cellars at 1830 in Spain. Because of the knowledge of its cellarers and the constant claim only to create best wines and Sherries of the highest class the family Caballero is known for highest qualities.

Allergens: Sulphites
Further details
Country of origin: Spain
Company: Luis Caballero S.A.
Address: C/ San Francisco, 32, 115000, El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) Espana