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Windspiel Premium Dry Gin 0,05 Liter

Distilled from potatoes matured into volcano earth.
0,05 liter - 47.0% ABV
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Article: Windspiel Premium Dry Gin
Country: Germany
Region: Eifel
Classification: Premium Dry Gin
Alcohol: 47.0%
Characteristics: Extremely gentle character. Produced from potatoes matured into volcano earth as well as juniper berries, lemon and coriander, cinnamon bark and lavender and further botanicals of a secret formula.
Taste: Extremely gentle character with floral citrus note.
Drink recommendation: Pure, for long drinks and cocktails, as Gin & Tonic.

Windspiel Premium Dry Gin is branded in honor of Frederick the Great and its two affairs of the heart: The potato growing in Germany and its greyhounds of the breed greyhound.

(greyhound = Windspiel in german)     

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Windspiel Manufaktur GmbH
Address: Maria-Hilf Straße 6, D-54550 Daun