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Vana Tallinn Estonian Liqueur 50%

0,5 liter - 50% ABV
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Article: Vana Tallinn Estonian Liqueur 50%
Country: Estonia
Region: Tallin
Producer: AS Liviko
Alcohol: 50%
Characteristics: Liqueur on rum Basis.
Colour: Dark brown
Flavour: Likeably firm with typical rum notes.
Taste: Slightly velvety, exotic with citrus notes, vanilla and cinnamon.
Drink recommendation: Pure, over ice or with coffee. For short drinks or long drinks.

The legendary Vana Tallinn Rum-Liqueur being from Estonia is dedicated to the capital of the country by name. It is characteristic for the liqueur that it combines the best of the rum with the typical qualities of an absolutely mixable liqueur.
The base for the Vana Tallin rum liqueur is the rum originating from the Caribbean island Jamaica. It is responsible for the deep brown colour, the robust structure and the typical, exotic rum notes of the spirits.  

Further details
Country of origin: Estonia
Company: AS Liviko
Address: Masina 11, 10144 Tallinn, Estonia