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Torres Reserva Del Mamut

One of the most exclusive brandies in the history of the house Torres, rich in tradition.
0,7 liter - 42% ABV
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Article: Torres Reserva Del Mamut
Country: Spain
Region: Villafranca del Penedès/Catalonia
Classification: Reserva
Producer: Miguel Torres
Vintage: 1985
Barrel: Limousin oak
Grape variety: Parellada
Alcohol: 42%
Colour: Brilliant amber
Flavour: Reserva del Mamut loads with its intensive and rich character in the nose to stay for a moment to learn to appreciate the facets of this brandy, before they develop in the mouth.
Taste: He presents itself with a velvety body, accompanied by elegant, floral notes and noblest rancio Aromas. Subtle notes of herb tea and spices create a fascinating interplay. Wonderfully supple, balanced and of long lasting harmony.
Number of bottles: 999 bottles worldwide, numbered one by one by master distiller Matías Llobet.

The Reserva del Mamut: A journey to the soul of the brandy

It is produced from first-class Parellada grapes which illuminates the endless wine regions of the Penedès region. They stand out due to their deep golden colour, their fruitiness and wealth of flavours.

Pricipled by the credo "wine is the fruit of the earth" the family Torres and its team have devoted themselves always to protect the environment and to do a contribution to the improvement of the climate change. So any ecologically harmful products are renounced at the culture of the vine. Only such are used, which are not pollutive. Sustainability is rewarded with an extraordinary taste. This gets clear also at the Reserva del Mamut. The Parellada grapes were reaped cautiously, fermented into wine, distilled in copper kettles twice and stored in oak barrels of Limousin oak. The long storage produces a brandy which is penetrated by elegance in taste and has a rich, complex body.

The Reserva del Mamut is filled in a bottle of crystal glass, decorated with a noble front label, arranged in 22 carats gold. The seal in which a gold-plated ring is edged is manufactured from Limousin oak. The brandy presents itself in an exclusive wood box which is improved by gold-painted elements. The game with wood elements underlines the sustainability which conducts Torres at the production.

Allergens: May contain traces of almonds and nuts.
Further details
Country of origin: Spain
Company: Miguel Torres, SA
Address: M. Torres, 6 08720 Vilafranca del Penedès Barcelona - España