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The Lovers Rum

0,7 liter - 43% ABV
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Article: The Lovers Rum
Country: Caribbean and Latin America
Alcohol: 43%

Recipe suggestions:


60 ml The Lovers Rum
30 ml Fresh Lime Juice
2 tsps Sugar Cane
Glass: Coupe / Champagne Saucer. Place all ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Stir well until the sugar has dissolved. Fill shaker with cubed and crushed ice. Shake enthusiastically until the shaker is frozen. Double strain into a pre-chilled glass. Enjoy.

The Daiquiri is a perfection in a glass. An ‘all-occasion’ cocktail that fits to every situation, from a party to a pre-dinner drink. It is deceptively simple. The art lies in balancing the four taste cornerstones that build a cocktail’s flavour: Strong, sour, sweet & weak.


30 ml The Lovers Rum
30 ml Vermouth Rosso (suggestion Mancino, Noilly Pratt Rouge)
30 ml Italian Bitter Liqueur (suggestion Campari)
Garnish: Orange peel
Glass: Old Fashioned / Tumbler. Pour The Lovers Rum into a glass. Add a large piece of ice. Gently stir and Enjoy.

“I think the Negroni is the perfect cocktail because it is three liquors that I don’t particularly like. I don’t like Campari, and I don’t like sweet vermouth and I don’t particularly love gin. But you put them together with that little bit of orange rind in a perfect setting… It’s just: It sets you up for dinner, in a way it makes you hungry, sands the edges off the afternoon. In an after dinner, it’s settling. It is both aperitif and digestive. It’s a rare drink that can do that.” “Anthony Bourdain”


50 ml The Lovers Rum
20 ml Velvet Falernum
15 ml Orange Curacao (suggestion Ferrand)
30 ml Fresh Lime Juice
Garnish: Preserved cherry or lime peel
Glass: Coupe / Champagne Saucer. Place all ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add ice. Shake enthusiastically. Double strain and enjoy.

Trader Vic original, the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club is Vic’s tiki-field version of the Daiquiri. Instead of one-dimensional simple syrup, orange curaçao and spiced falernum to intensify the tropical flavours and presumably translate the feeling of a Caribbean port-of-call.

40 ml The Lovers Rum
20 ml Vermouth Secco (suggestion Mancino, Noilly Pratt)
15 ml Cherry Liqueur (suggestion Luxardo)
5 ml Kirsch (suggestion Luxardo)
Garnish: Preserved cherry or lemon peel
Glass: Coupe / Champagne Saucer. Place all ingredients into a mixing glass. Add a large piece of ice. Stir several seconds. Strain in pre-chilled glass. Garnish preserved cherry. Enjoy.

Tribute to Santiago Policastro AKA Pichín; as he was one of the most influential Bartender in Argentine History. He was renowned Throughout Latin-America, for his remarkable drinks, which have inspired generations of bartenders, and his inimitable style that earned him the name “El Barman Galante” – “The Galant Bartender”.

Further details
Country of origin: Caribbean and Latin America
Company: Herman Jansen Beverages Nederland B.V.
Address: Zijlstraat 2-6, 3111 PS Schiedam, Netherlands