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Skin Gin - Edition TEA KISS Röhrchen 0,05 Liter

New taste in the new design.
0,05 liter - 42% ABV
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Article: Skin Gin - Edition TEA KISS
Country: Germany
Region: Lower Saxony, Altes Land
Producer: Skin Gin
Alcohol: 42%
Characteristics: The gentle and fresh taste of Skin Gin united with fruity flavours of exotic fruit teas.
Eleven vegetable botanicals are used for this. Skin Gins unmistakable symbiosis from Moroccan mint, citrus peels of oranges, pink grapefruit, limes and lemons, coriander and juniper meets on notes of exotic fruit tea. With natural flavours of hibiscus, apple, rose hip and peach.
Colour: Clear
Flavour: Soft, natural and tropical breathed flavours.
Taste: A uniquely tangy taste combination.


Skin Gin is being distilled in „Altes Land“ close to Hamburg in Germany. It is produced in an old traditional Distilling Manufactory where the botanicals are beeing distilled separately in a socalled Anisateur in order to get the 100% quality out of each and every single botanical. The distilling process is 7 times longer compared to gins which normally put all botanicals at the same time in the Anisateur. Skin Gin is made from handpicked botanicals and distilled on a base of wheet alcohol. In order to bring the alcohol content from 95% to 42% vol. the distillates are being mixed with spring water. Each and every single bottle are being hot stamped with a copper foil and wrapped around every single bottle by hand in a small family owned manufactory in northern bavaria, leaving Skin Gin as a 100% handcrafted brand.      

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Skin Gin GmbH
Address: Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 2b, D-21614 Buxtehude Germany