Fruit brandy

Scheibel Old Zeit Wild Himbeerbrand

The wild fruits exude a perfume like smell and give the brandy an enormous flavour fullness.
0,7 liter - 41% ABV
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Article: Scheibel Alte Zeit Wild Himbeerbrand
Country: Germany
Region: Black Forest
Producer: Emil Scheibel
Fruit variety: Wild raspberries from the Carpathians.
Alcohol: 41%
Characteristics: Won by maceration and distillation. A slight passion fruit note, changing into a firm raspberry emphasized body. A breath of vanilla and peach. Extended aftertaste of ginger and fresh raspberries. Liquid berries in the glass.
Drink recommendation: A pleasure to game and blue cheese.

Fruit: Small, very aromatic wild raspberries are collected in the high situations of the Carpathians. The great effort of the collectors is worthwhile because these wild fruits exude a perfume like smell and give the fire an enormous flavour fullness.

Raw materials: The purer and the more exquisite the raw material, the more perfect the quality of the product. In the same way that a diamond cutter recognises the potential offered by a raw stone, a gifted master distiller will try to obtain the best possible result from a fruit. It takes time and experience to select the best fruit for our distillates.

Ennoblement: It is essentially the cutter's skill which changes a rough diamond into a high quality gemstone. It requires intuition, skill and a delicate approach. This applies equally to the distiller although the material with which he works will also play an essential part. Scheibel rely for this purpose on the unique wood-fired stoves of Scheibels "Alte Zeit" distillery.

Fine tuning: Quality requires time. And time is what they devote to their product: a long storage time in wooden casks, clay vessels or wicker bottles to allow them to mature slowly. Only when the right level of maturity has been reached do they bottle them. This is the point when the fruit has changed from a rough diamond into a jewel of high purity, clarity and seductive sparkle. 

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Emil Scheibel Schwarzwald-Brennerei GmbH
Address: Grüner Winkel 32, 77876 Kappelrodeck