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Samvel I Caraffa

Samvel I in the elegant carafe.
Age 5 J. - 0,5 liter - 40% ABV
currently not available
Article: Samvel I Caraffa
Country: Armenia
Region: Ararat valley
Producer: MAP Company
Age: 5 Years
Alcohol: 40%
Flavour: Wonderfully fruity bouquet.
Taste: Extremely mellow and soft.

After 5-year maturity in oak barrels in the vault wineery the Armenian brandy Samvel I reaches Europe. It offers the highest pleasure and uncompromising quality. The 3000 years old wine cultivable areas of the Ararat valley are its origin at 700 metres of height.

Still finest grapes, pure mountain spring water are basis for Armenian brandies and to this an about a one-hundred-year tradition of the Armenians in these skilled crafts.

Further details
Country of origin: Armenia
Company: MAP CJS Company
Address: Village Lenughi, Armenia
Distributor: Aniland GmbH
Address: Grenzgrabenstr. 5, 13053 Berlin