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Principe de Los Apostoles Mate Gin out of Argentina 0,05 Liter

The first gin from Argentina on the German market is a tribute to the maté tea.
0,05 liter - 40.5% ABV
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Article: Príncipe de los Apóstoles Mate Gin
Country: Argentina
Region: Príncipe de los Apóstoles
Alcohol: 40.5%
Characteristics: Produced on the basis of juniper berries as well as maté tea leaves, eucalypti, peperina, coriander seed and the peel of pink grapefruit.
Taste: Incomparable and fresh flavour.
Special: Distilled in a copper still in small batches (200 litres). Every bottle is numbered one by one.
Drink recommendation: Pure, as a gin and tonic or in extravagant cocktails.

The Príncipe de los Apóstoles Mate Gin was created by Renato "Tato" Giovanni, the best and well best known Mixologist of Argentina. His own bar named Florería Atlantico in Buenos Aires, belongs to the 50 best bars of this world. 

Further details
Country of origin: Argentina
Distributor: Claas von Zombory IMEXORY - Import/Export Claas von Zombory
Address: Friedrichstr. 207, 10969 Berlin Germany