Picon Amer 1,0 Liter

1 liter - 21% ABV
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Article: Picon Amer
Country: France
Alcohol: 21%
Characteristics: Produced from orange peel, gentian and china-bark.
Taste: Sweetish with distinct bitter note.
Drink recommendation: Pure, with ice, for cocktails, long drinks, with a slice of lemon and ideal together with beer.

The story of Picon started in Africa approx. 150 years ago and forced its way to France later. Today, it is hardly known at its place of origin. Picon goes back on Gaetan Picon, who came to Algeria as a soldier in the year 1837 and created his drink after his return in a distillery Philippeville. At first he called it Amer Arfican. This was of great popularity both with the soldiers and at the civilian population so that Picon opened numerous further distilleries.

Further details
Country of origin: Belgium
Company: Diageo Belgium
Address: Doorveld Asse 3, 1731 Zellik Belgium