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Nonino Ùe Gran Riserva 26 Years

A noble anniversary bottling.
Age 26 J. - 0,7 liter - 45% ABV
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Article: Nonino Ùe Gran Riserva 26 Years
Country: Italien
Region: Friuli
Classification: Ùe is a grape distillate.
Producer: Nonino Distillatori S.p.a.
Age: 26 Years, matured in barrique.
Barrel: Barrique No. 641, limousin-oak
Alcohol: 45%
Flavour: Lasting bouquet with notes of jam, wild fruits, grape and plum, candied fruits, spices, vanilla, almonds, dried fruits and chocolate.
Taste: Rich and tasty. The aromatic scents find their recognition at the palate.
Finish: Long lasting.
Special: Exquisite hand-blown decanter bottle. Numbered, dated and with a 24-karat gold imprint.
Drinking temperature: Room-temperature.It should rest in the glass a little so that its exquisite flavours can develop fully.

The family Nonino devotes itself to the production of the finest marc already since 1897.
The native country connected family almost exclusively uses Marc of original types of vine which were partly already threatened of dying out. Their untiring effort for the preservation of these local kinds is unique in Italy. An untiring effort for the preservation of these local kinds is unique Italy Noninos. With the idea of a grape distillate the little distillery has filled the experts with enthusiasm once more and has become an example for many other distilleries.

The first Ùe was created of Nonino on November 27th, 1984. Peels, flesh and juice of all the grapes are distilled in one single run. By the high juice amount the grape distillate is particularly elegant and is impressive because of typical flavours. Ùe has the elegance of a wine distillate and the character of the Marc.

Further details
Country of origin: Italy
Company: Nonino Distillatori S.p.A.
Address: Via Ayuileia, 104; 33050 Pavia di Udine (UD)