Lustau Amontillado Medium Dry - Los Arcos - 0,375 Liter

0,375 liter - 18.5% ABV
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Contains sulphites
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Article: Emilio Lustau Amontillado Medium Dry - Los Arcos
Country: Spain
Region: Jerez
Category: Sherry, medium dry
Classification: Denominacion de Origen
Producer: Bodegas Lustau
Grape variety: Palomino fino
Alcohol: 18.5%
Colour: Ripe golden brown
Flavour: Elegant smell of plums, almonds and caramel.
Taste: Weighed out with a soft tasty reverberation.
Drinking temperature: 9° C
Drink recommendation: As aperitif to savory biscuits, nuts, tasty starters or piquant entrées.

This also today still in the family property situated house was founded in 1896, manage vineyards of one's own in the preferential cultivable areas Balbaina Alta and Raboatun Alto and more than 20000 barrels are stored with unusual qualities. Every single sherry type is the quintessence of its quality. Lustau Amontillado medium Dry "Los Arcos" Solera Reserva is the most consumed sherry style in Germany.

Allergens: Sulphites
Further details
Country of origin: Spain
Company: Emilio Lustau S.A.
Address: C/Arcos nº 53, 11402 Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz)