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Linie Aquavit Lysholm Double Cask Port

The venerable Lysholm LINIE Aquavit with sweet notes from the extra maturation in port casks.
0,7 liter - 41.5% ABV
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Article: Linie Aquavit Lysholm Double Cask Port
Country: Norway
Region: Oslo
Classification: Premium aquavit
Producer: Arcus AS
Age: Matured for 12 months in old sherry barrels in Norway. For the completion in taste over another 4 months on board of a freighter, which crosses the equator (Norwegian: Line) twice. After completing the traditional LINIE maturation at sea, it is given an extra six months of ageing in carefully selected Port casks.
Alcohol: 41.5%
Colour: Amber with a reddish hue.
Flavour: Caraway and anise notes accompanied by sweetish vanilla and oak.
Taste: Starts with caraway, anise and orange peels followed by soft wood notes, vanilla, caramel and dried fruits. Silky texture.
Finish: Rich and complex with notes of spices as well as lingering sweet oak.
Drinking temperature: Well chilled, also typically Norwegian: Un-chilled.
Drink recommendation: Enjoy on its own as a sipping aquavit, or as a match for a rich, delicious dessert and a variety of cheeses.
Further details
Country of origin: Norway
Company: Arcus AS
Address: Destilleriveien 11, NO-1483 Hagan
Distributor: Reidemeister & Ulrichs GmbH
Address: Speicher 1 Konsul-Smidt-Straße 8 J, 28217 Bremen