Helmut Wermut - Der Rote

A strong quality wormwood for courageous gustatory nerves. Handworked.
0,75 liter - 16% ABV
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Contains sulphites
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Article: Helmut Wermut - Der Rote
Country: Germany
Region: Hamburg
Category: Premium Wermut
Alcohol: 16%
Characteristics: Sharp cabbage, strong taste, this is Helmut the red. Hand-picked Palatinate wines, together with invigorate fruit of ripe blackberries, tasty flavours of laurel and rosemary - composed from 25 fine ingredients and handworked at the Hamburg coast. A strong quality wormwood for courageous gustatory nerves.
Special: Handworked natural product without artificial flavours.
For this reason the tastes can vary also easily in the different years and batches.
Drink recommendation: In cocktails, long drinks or pure on ice.
Awards: Gold - World Vermouth Awards 2021
Silver - IWSC 2018
Bronze - Crafts Spirits Festival 2018

Recipe suggestions:

HELMUT Ginger Ale

5 cl HELMUT der Rote
10 cl Ginger Ale
1 orange zest
Serve HELMUT and Ginger Ale with much ice cubes in a long drink, highball or tumbler glass. Garnish with the orange zest.

A Rabbit named HELMUT (by Constanze Lay, Rabbit Hole)

4 cl HELMUT der Rote
3 cl Old Monk Rum
3 cl lime juice
2 cl sugar syrup
1 twist of orange
Garnish: 1 zest of a bio orange peel and two mint branches
Shake all ingredients except for the orange zest and the mint vigoriously. Then strain into a tumbler glass filled with ice cubes. Garnish with orange zest and mint branches.

HELMUT Sbagliato

3 cl HELMUT der Rote
3 cl Campari
Sparkling wine
1 twist of orange
Give the ingredients into a great tumbler glass with ice. Garnish with a twist of orange.

HELMUT Boulevardier

3 cl Bourbon Whiskey
3 cl Campari
3 cl HELMUT der Rote
Stir cold all ingredients in a stirring glass with lot of ice. Strain into a tumbler glass and serve with ice and an orange zest. 

Allergens: Sulphites
Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Helmut Wermut, GBR
Address: Am Brunnenhof 22, 22767 Hamburg