Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur 0,05 Liter

The monk Frangelico invented the recipe, well looked until today.
0,05 liter - 20% ABV
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With colouring
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Article: Frangelico Haselnusslikör
Country: Italy
Region: Canale/Piemonte
Producer: Barbero S.p.A.
Alcohol: 20%
Characteristics: From wild hazelnuts, exquisite berries and fruits. It is fine gossamery in the flavour, easy, elegant, of finer sweetens.
Special: A monk invented the recipe well looked until today.
Drink recommendation: You drink Frangelico pure, to coffee or espresso and on ice to many opportunities. Furthermore it is an ideal basis for exquisite drinks and cocktails.
List of ingredients: Pigment
Allergens: Contains edible nuts (nuts, hazelnuts).
Further details
Country of origin: Italy
Address: Via Sacchetti, 20 - 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI) - Italy