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Ferdinand's Saar Dry Gin 0,05 Liter

Innovative gin experience. Saar Dry gin, infused with slate Riesling.
0,05 liter - 44% ABV
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Article: Ferdinand's Saar Dry Gin
Country: Germany
Region: Saar
Distillery: Avadis Distillery - Brennerei Andreas Vallendar in Bilzingen
Alcohol: 44%
Characteristics: A raw spirit produced from corn (wheat, rye and spelt from a cultivation of their own) and distilled repeatedly is the base for the careful maceration of the 34 hand-graded herbs, spices and fruits.More than 60% of it are regional botanicals from a cultivation of their own, among others Riesling, lemon thyme, vineyard lavender, pear quince, verbena, amomile, Rubinette apple and sage. The additional use of a steam infusion of herbs reaped freshly adds unique fresh floral notes to the gin. Everything is rounded off with an infusion of slate Riesling. After that a rest period from 4 weeks is carried out into stoneware. The gin gets adjusted to an alcoholic content of 44% with demineralised water.
Taste: Flavours of pine and fresh juniper, Szechuan pepper, lemongrass, fruity lavender, lemon meringue, vanilla, coriander, vineyard peach and verbena, present themselves at the palate.
Drink recommendation: Pure, for Gin & Tonic and for mixing.
Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: AV Brennerei GmbH
Address: Zum Wetterbrunnen 1-3, D - 54457 Wincheringen