Exquisito 1995

The youngest of the Exquisito series is a rum with an unmistakable character.
0,7 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Exquisito 1995
Country: Dominican Republic
Producer: Oliver & Oliver
Distilled: 1995
Description: Matured in the Solera method.
Alcohol: 40%
Flavour: Perfectly balanced bouquet. Soft, sweet and fruity, with notes of toffee and coffee.
Taste: Notes of chocolate, caramel, sugar cane and fresh fruit let themselves be seen at the palate.
Finish: Tasty and long lasting.

The base for this Exquisito 1995, 12+ Años Solera is a distillate which was stored more than 12 years.        

Further details
Country of origin: Dominican Republic
Company: Oliver & Oliver Internacional, Inc
Address: Parque Industrial Hato Nuevo. Km.22 Autopista Duarte Nave 4 y 5, CP. 10902,  Santo Domingo, Rep.Dominicana
Distributor: Sucos do Brasil Productos Latino GmbH
Address: Graf Landsberg Straße 9, D-41460 Neuss