Tequila / Mezcal

Cuervo Platino Reserva de la Familia Plata

Hand-blown glass, wax seal and bow, numbered by hand and dated.
0,7 liter - 40% ABV
currently not available
Article: Cuervo Platino Reserva de la Familia Plata
Country: Mexico
Alcohol: 40%
Flavour: Softly woody, oak, vanilla and caramel. Easy tasty after cloves and anise. Fruit notes like apricots, a breath of oranges and passion fruit. Firm, earthy notes of agave and minerals. Soft and warm character.
Taste: Clove, white pepper with a breath of cinnamon. Orange in the finish. Good acid, gentle and pure mouth feeling, no burning or bitterness.
Special: Silver tequila with the best taste - all over the world. The Beverage Testing Institute gave 96 points for it.

10-12 years old blue agave sorted by hand, grown in the country of Cuervo. During the extraction, the cooking time and the distillation the agave flavour disappears little by little at a lot of tequilas. With Jose Cuervo Platino however the natural flavour of the agave remains unchanged by the method "Esencia de agave" to 100%.

ON THE ROCK: On ice with a limes-spiral.

FRESCO: 3 cl Jose Cuervo Platino, 1 tsp. Sambuca, 2 pieces of cucumber, 3 leaves of a fresh mint, 3 cl grapefruit juice. Shake well and fill up with ice.

FIZZ: 3 cl Jose Cuervo Platino, 1 tsp. Creme de Cassis, juice of a lime, Ginger Ale. Mix all ingredients and serve on ice in a cocktail glass.

Further details
Country of origin: Mexico
Company: "La Rojeña"
Address: Jose Cuervo No. 73 Col. Centro, Tequila, Jalisco C.P. 46400, Mexico
Distributor: JC Masters Distribution CLS
Address: Ferry House, 48 Lower Mountain Street Dublin 2, Ireland