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Citadelle Gin 44% 1,0 Liter

Citadelle Gin is produced according to old traditions and is particularly balanced.
1 liter - 44% ABV
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Article: Citadelle Gin
Country: France
Producer: Ferrand
Alcohol: 44%
Flavour: Fine bouquet.
Taste: Taste after juniper and lemon. Elegantly, full and supple, exceptionally aromatically, with a complex palate of juniper.
Finish: Fresh and clear.
Drink recommendation: Ideal base for numerous cocktails.

The recipe was arranged in 1771 in the distillery of Dunkerque called "citadel". "Citadel" had a particularly good position at the street of the very flourishing, medieval maritime trade as oldest distillery typed in France. Dunkerque was the first port for the seafarers returning from the east. Their ships were filled up with exotic herbs and spices, such as coriander and cinnamon. These wealth of spices and aromatic herbs gave to the famous burners Carpeau and Stival the idea to produce in the citadel, the protective fortress of the town, 12 traditional distilling apparatus made of copper.

Today, the same kind of distilling apparatus still is used too, to produce this gin. The house Ferrand discovered in the field of its investigations the original recipe of Carpeau and Stival in the old distillery according to which the citadel's gin is produced from wheat certainly today. In addition, it contains 19 exotic herbs more than every other gin in the world. They give the unique, complex and balanced taste. The following spices are used:

- juniper, France - almonds, Spain - shiner, France - lemon peels, Spain - savoury, France, - Iris, Italy, - star anise, France, - fennel, Mediterranean, - angelica, Germany - coriander, Morocco, - caraway, Holland, - paradise grains, West Africa,- orange peels, Mexico - cassia, Indochina, - nutmeg, India, - liquorice, China,- cardamom, India, - cinnamon, Sri Lanka - cubeb pepper, Java

The gin is produced by Cognac today nearby, the native country of the probably finest under the spirits. The distiller of Ferrand could resurrect the so very delicate and elegant taste and the flavour of citadel once more by acquiring the knowledge of the Cognac production which developed in the course of the centuries.
This gin is distilled four times to make it so supple. A unique wheat is reaped in the heart of France in the Beauce area first. It is then mixed with pure spring water from Angeac in Cognac which was filtered by the chalky ground, water.

Further details
Country of origin: France
Company: Cognac Ferrand Deutschland GmbH
Address: Postfach 2164, 58591 Iserlohn, Germany