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Chartreuse 1605

Original formula of 1605, the formula for a long life.
0,7 liter - 56% ABV
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Article: Chartreuse 1605
Country: France
Region: Voiron near Grenoble
Producer: Chartreuse
Alcohol: 56%
Taste: Sharp, tasty, brave, flavours of spices, citrus fruit and herbs. Intensive and impetuous.
Drink recommendation: Pure at room temperature or also on ice.

In 1605 marshal d´Estrées submitted the chartreuse monks a manuscript, into what the formula of an elixir for a long life was written down. Out of this the monks produce the first liqueur, the predecessor of the green chartreuse. Remembering the manuscript to the handing over in this, the liqueur is produced after the original formula certainly today.

Further details
Country of origin: France
Company: Chartreuse Diffusion
Address: 10, Boulevard Edgar-Kofler BP 102 - 38503 Voiron Cedex - France