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Brasilberg 1,0 Liter

An Amaro Brasileiro.
1 liter - 42% ABV
With colouring
currently not available
Article: Original Brasilberg
Country: Brazil
Producer: Casa Underberg do Brasil
Alcohol: 42%
Characteristics: Produced from select herbs from the Amazon area.
Colour: Deep brown
Flavour: Clear herb note, sweetish aromatically, in the undertone easily fruity.
Taste: Constant, clear herb notes, aromatic with a moderate bitter note.
Finish: Easily sweetish, fruity.

The cosmopolitan Dr. Paul Underberg, grandson of the Underberg company founder, was an enthusiastic discoverer of strange cultures. He was fascinated particularly of the unusual strength of the herbs and plants from the Amazon area. In 1933 he set up in Rio de Janeiro and started with the production of the "Underberg do Brasil" which contemporarily established itself in the society of Rio.
Here it bears the name "Brasilberg" and enjoys increasing popularity.       

Further details
Country of origin: Brazil
Company: Semper idem Underberg GmbH
Address: Hubert-Underberg-Allee 1, 47495 Rheinberg Germany