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Bitter Brusco Chile

Popular bitters from Chile, tasty and aromatic.
0,7 liter - 28% ABV
€ 22,79 / 1 liter, prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs
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Article: Bitter Brusco
Country: Chile
Region: Valparaiso
Producer: Tres Torres
Alcohol: 28%
Characteristics: Produced according to a secret formula from altogether 24 ingredients, such as carefully dried fruits, select herbs and barks.
Taste: Marvelously aromatic and tasty, light bitter note.
Drink recommendation: Pure and on the rocks.
Further details
Country of origin: Chile
Company: Virgilio Brusco E Hijon
Address: Yungay 2480 Valparaiso, Chile
Distributor: Chile Wein Import
Address: Bergheimer Str. 1c, 53909 Zülpich