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Asbach Uralt Vintage Brand 1972

A preciousness in limited edition from the treasure vault of the house Asbach.
Year 72/11 - 0,7 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Asbach Uralt Jahrgangsbrand 1972
Country: Germany
Region: Rüdesheim, Rhein
Classification: Vintage brandy
Producer: Asbach
Age: 28 years old - matured in Limousine oak.
Vintage: 1972
Distilled: 30.04.1972
Bottled: 15.03.2011
Barrel: Nr. 379
Alcohol: 40%
Colour: Honey
Flavour: Bouquet of floral and fruity flavours, peach, nuts, saffron, malt, vanilla and dry wood.
Taste: Dry and despite the age very freshly and elegantly, noticeable sweetness of the grapes.
Finish: Very long aftertaste, fruity with tasty wood notes.
Number of bottles: 320
Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Asbach GmbH
Address: Taunusstraße 1 - 3, 65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein