Appenzeller Bitter Alpenbitter Switzerland 1,0 Liter

A pleasure as apéritif or digestif.
1 liter - 29% ABV
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Article: Appenzeller Alpenbitter
Country: Switzerland
Region: Appenzell
Producer: Appenzeller Alpenbitter AG
Alcohol: 29%
Characteristics: Extract and distillates of 42 herbs and spices (among others noble distillates like juniper and gentian), Sugar types, refined with French brandy and sweet wines, caramel.
Drink recommendation: As aperitif or digestif. Either pure, on the rocks or splashed with mineral water or for mixing.


Limes / lemons, diced
4 - 6 fresh mint leaves/ 1 tsp cane sugar
4cl Appenzeller Alpenbitter
1 shot of soda
Crushed ice
Appenzeller Blut:

2 cl Appenzeller Alpenbitter
2 cl Red Vodka
Blood orange juice for topping up
3 - 4 ice cubes
Orange slice as garnish

Further details
Country of origin: Switzerland
Company: Appenzeller Alpenbitter AG
Address: Weissbadstr. 27, CH 9050 Appenzell
Distributor: Bremer Spirituosen Contor GmbH
Address: Gisela-Müller-Wolff-Str. 7, 28197 Bremen