Rhubarb bitter, soft bitter-fruity in the taste.
0,7 liter - 11% ABV
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Article: Aperol
Country: Italy
Alcohol: 11%
Colour: Bright orange-red.
Taste: Bittersweet, fruity.
Drink recommendation: Whether pure, as a long drink or as Cocktail, it is the ideal drink to every opportunity.

Aperol long drink: 1/3 Aperol, 2/3 alternatively fill with Bitter Lemon, Grapefruit or Orange juice and ice.

Aperol Prosecco: 4cl Aperol fill with chilled Prosecco or Champagne.

Already 1919 the brothers Luigi and Silvio Barbieri introduced on the occasion of an exhibition in Padua APEROL as the latest creation of the company, founded 1891 by their father. He is produced according to an unchanged original recipe from natural ingredients like rhubarb, china-bark, gentian, bitter oranges, herbs and alcohol, since then.

List of ingredients: Sugar, alcohol, vegetal substances infusion, quinine, flavours, sodium chloride, pigments orange yellow S (E110), cochineal red A (E124).
E numbers: E110, E124
Note: E110 and E124 In children it can impair activity and attention.
Further details
Country of origin: Italy
Company: DCM S.p.A.
Address: 12043 Canale - Italy