Bitters - aromatic

Angostura Bitter 0,2 Liter

Aromatic bitters with fine smell and extensive taste.
0,2 liter - 44.7% ABV
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Article: Angostura Aromatic Bitters
Country: Trinidad
Producer: Angostura Ltd.
Alcohol: 44.7%
Characteristics: Aromatic, slightly ethereal notes of herbs and exotic spices (cloves, bitter orange, cinnamon, cardamom, gentian root, china bark).
Colour: Warm brick-red till brown
Drink recommendation: It is particularly suitable seasoning culinary specialties and for flavouring drinks. For example: Some drops of Angostura Bitters in gin & tonic or with rum & lemonade.

In the year 1824, the German surgeon and researcher Dr. Siegert invented Angostura Bitters in the city Angostura (Venice). Once as well-being drink imaginary, a aromatic bitter from extracts of more than 40 different herbs arose.


List of ingredients: Pigment: Plain caramel (E150a)
E numbers: E150a
Further details
Country of origin: Trinidad & Tobago
Company: Angostura Ltd
Address: Corner Eastern Main Road and Trinity Avenue Laventille Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies
Distributor: Angostura S.A.
Address: 4, Avenue des Terroirs de France 75012 Paris, France