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20457 Hafencity Gin 0,05 Liter

This unique gin brings the spirit of the Hamburg HafenCity to life. Inspired by what characterizes the Hamburg port. Spices and specialities, tradition and modern age, departure and arrival.
0,05 liter - 41% ABV
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Article: 20457 Hafencity Gin
Country: Germany
Region: Hamburg
Producer: Spirit of Hafencity
Alcohol: 41%
Characteristics: The 20457 Hafencity Gin is produced in a little manufactory in the north of Germany with a copper 200 litres pot still.  Before the distillation the botanicals are macerated for several days to extract the essential oils. So that the natural flavours can develop and remain unchanged, one takes a lot of time. The gin is distilled slowly and gently four times and in small batches. After that the bottles are filled, corked up, labelled and numbered by hand. Therefore every bottle is an unicum. The 20457 Hafencity Gin satisfies the strict criteria of a genuine London Dry gin. You can taste that.
Taste: With the freshness of kaffir lime leaves and oranges and gentle tasty notes of nutmeg, cubeb pepper and another 8 botanicals.

A special gin which matches a special place: The Hamburg Hafencity. This was the idea the HafenCity Gin finally arose from. Its taste should connect tradition and modern age, storehouse district and port city, the fruit central market with its exotic fruits and the port as native country and yearning place.       

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Spirit of Hafencity René Wolf
Address: Am Sandtorpark 12, 20457 Hamburg