nginious! Swiss Blended Gin 45%

0,5 liter - 45% ABV
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Article: nginious! Swiss Blended Gin
Country: Switzerland
Region: Basel
Distillery: Liquid Spirit Distillery
Alcohol: 45%
Characteristics: Used botanicals are: Junipers, berberises, bay berry fruits, lemons and sweet orange peels, fresh grapefruit, cardamom, hay flowers, red clover blossoms, gold balm, vervain, ysop, camomile, black red currant leaves, iris root, carline thistle root, galangal and liquorice.
Flavour: Clear notes of 18 used botanicals.
Taste: Full of character with a sharp herb note, very fresh and balanced. He stands out due to great complexity and seems soft and harmonious if enjoyed neat.
Drink recommendation: Perfect as gin & tonic.
Further details
Country of origin: Switzerland
Company: Liquid Spirit Distillery c/o Ullrich & Co Spirit Production & Consulting
Address: Gärtnerstrasse 46, CH 4057 Basel
Distributor: Spirit of Rum Event GmbH
Address: Jenaer Str. 16, 10717 Berlin