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Ziegler Vineyard-peach - Liqueur

Liqueur made from peaches grown at the margins of the vineyards, golden in colour with the typical intensity of this wild-growing fruit.
0,35 liter - 18% ABV
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Article: Ziegler Weinbergpfirsich - Likör (Vineyard peach liqueur)
Country: Germany
Region: Baden Württemberg
Producer: Ziegler Edelobstbrennerei
Fruit variety: Vineyard peach
Alcohol: 18%
Characteristics: These little flat peaches grow on the edges of the vineyards. They get their full flavour only in September. The white meat is marbled pinkly and gives the liqueur the typically golden colour.
Taste: One finds the fruity and wild of the original character of the wild growing fruit at the palate again.
Drinking temperature: 16° - 18° C
Drink recommendation: For mixing with champagne or wine as aperitif. For fruit sorbets, cocktails, many sweets and desserts. Enjoyed purely one experiences the pure fruit pleasure.


Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Gebr. J. & M. Ziegler GmbH Edelobstbrennerei
Address: Hauptstraße 26, 97896 Freudenberg