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Ziegler black Black Currant-Liqueur

Blackcurrant, the queen of the berries, an out-of-the-ordinary sensory experience, lingering, sweet-sour.
0,35 liter - 20% ABV
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Article: Ziegler Schwarze Johannisbeere-Likör (black currant liqueur)
Country: Germany
Region: Baden Württemberg
Producer: Ziegler Edelobstbrennerei
Fruit variety: Black currant
Alcohol: 20%
Characteristics: The black currant is known as cassis and of great popularity. The taste intensity is very distinctive. The unusual lasting, sweet sour flavour fills its mouth and bribes the palate with a remarkable length.
Drinking temperature: 16° - 18° C

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Gebr. J. & M. Ziegler GmbH Edelobstbrennerei
Address: Hauptstraße 26, 97896 Freudenberg