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Ziegler Brand of Sour Cherry

An excellent eau de vie for enthusiasts of very aromatic brandies.
0,7 liter - 43% ABV
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Article: Ziegler Sauerkirschbrand (Sour cherry eau de vie)
Country: Germany
Region: Baden-Württemberg
Producer: Ziegler Edelobstbrennerei
Fruit variety: Sour cherry, little stone fruit from Schwaben (Germany), Burgenland (Austria)
Alcohol: 43%
Characteristics: A delicately bitter note that does not cover the typically intensive cherry flavours.
Flavour: Kind typical fruit essence easily flowery, nice-smelling, fruity fresh.
Taste: Elegantly in the finish, long and fruity, sleek strength, very aromatic.
Drinking temperature: 16° - 18° C
Drink recommendation: As a digestif or as an addition to a dessert, with corresponding fruit (gâteaus), also marzipan.

The Swabian wild cherry - which we use for our sour cherry eau de vie - grows wild in the vineyards of Swabia and is known for its remarkable aroma of sour cherry.

It takes 16 kg of sour cherries of to make 0.7l of Sauerkirschbrand.

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Gebr. J. & M. Ziegler GmbH Edelobstbrennerei
Address: Hauptstraße 26, 97896 Freudenberg