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VikingFjord Vodka of Norway 37,5% 1,0 Liter

Belongs to the best Vodkas of the world and is demanding for experts! Distilled from Potatoes
1 liter - 37.5% ABV
currently not available
Article: VikingFjord Vodka of Norway 37,5%
Country: Norway
Region: Oslo
Classification: Quality vodka
Producer: Arcus AS
Alcohol: 37.5%
Characteristics: Enjoyed primarily purely his mellow character spoils tongue, palate and nose.
Drinking temperature: Chilled
Drink recommendation: Huge and deep flavour.
Awards: Gold medals at the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC ) 2005 and 2007 in London. Award to the "Best in class" at the IWSC 2005 and the gold medal at the San Francisco International Spirits Competition 2006.

It is produced from potatoes and has a pure, clear taste by a 5- fold distillation. It is improved with pure, crystal-clear glacier water of the more than 5.000 year old Jostedal glacier.

Further details
Country of origin: Norway
Company: Arcus AS
Address: Destilleriveien 11, 1481 Hagan, Norway