Vacilón Cana de Cuba Aguardiente

Genuine and full of character.
0,7 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Vacilón Caña de Cuba Aguardiente
Country: Cuba
Distillery: Destilería Heriberto Duquesne
Alcohol: 40%
Flavour: Clear and fresh with intensive herb note, citrus fruits and medical plant flavours.
Taste: Genuine with powerful character, rounded by dry grassy notes and the full taste of tropical fruits.
Finish: Fine sharpness
Drink recommendation: For mixing e.g. Floridita Daiquiri No.4

After Vacilón belonged to the most popular of its kind in Cuba in the fifties and recorded large supporters there, only 10 years later, the production almost was discontinued for political reasons. But the spirit almost fallen into oblivion gets handworked once more now in the Destilería Industria Azucarera Heriberto Duquesne in the colonial city of Remedio. With his both gentle, soft and fresh and also dry flavours it reflects the typical Cuban zest for life.        

Further details
Country of origin: Cuba
Company: Cubata GmbH & Co.KG
Address: Buchholzallee 17, 19370 Parchim, Germany