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Unicum Zwack Riserva

Super premium herb liqueur - stored in two very different and special barrels.
0,7 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Unicum Zwack Riserva
Country: Hungary
Region: Budapest
Category: Premium herb liqueur
Producer: Zwack
Barrel: Double aging in oak casks; finish in Tokaji oak casks.
Alcohol: 40%
Characteristics: First, the Original Unicum matures in the biggest and oldest barrel of the distillery which has been in the cellars of Zwack Unicum in Budapest for over 80 years.
In the course of the decades the wood has formed a coating on the inside which one describes as "black honey" at Zwack. This transfers a special depth and an unusual character to the content of a barrel.
The Riserva is decanted into a Tokaji-Aszú barrel in the second phase of the maturation.
As soon as the known bittersweet taste of Unicum meets on the sensory sweetness of the Tokaji the Unicum Riserva gets softer, but simultaneously tasty and fruity, with a breath of dried apricots and an unbelievably vegetable, minty taste - like a cool breeze.
As a crowning end a Blending is carried out with the Tokaji Aszú vintage 2007 from the wine-growing estate Dobogo which still strengthens the unique taste variety of the Riserva.
Taste: A perfect harmony of the well known, exciting and exotic herb notes of the Original Unicum with the seductive honey essence of the Tokaji.
Further details
Country of origin: Hungary
Company: Zwack Unicum PLC.
Address: H -1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 26. Hungary