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Tokinoka Blended Whisky White

0,5 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Tokinoka Blended Whisky White
Country: Japan
Region: Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture
Distillery: White Oak Distillery
Alcohol: 40%
Flavour: In the nose flavours after corn, honey and fruit.
Taste: At the palate gentle, notes after corn and vanilla.
Finish: Long lasting, malty and creamy.

The Eigashima Brewery, situated in the city of Akashi (Hyogo prefecture) and facing the Seto Inland Sea, proud of its long tradition in producing alcohol beverages, was found in 1679.
It has let its mark in the history of Japanese whisky since obtaining license for producing whisky in 1919.      

Further details
Country of origin: Japan
Company: White Oak Distillery
Address: 919 Nishijima, Okubo-cho, Akashi-shi 674-0065, Japan
Distributor: Société Dugas
Address: 4 avenue des Terroirs de France 75012 Paris, France