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Tia Maria 1,0 Liter

Rich and balanced coffee liqueur with wonderful chocolate and caramel flavours.
1 liter - 20% ABV
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With colouring
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Article: Tia Maria
Alcohol: 20%
Colour: Deeply golden amber
Flavour: Smell of freshly roasted coffee, sweet caramel and sugar cane.
Taste: Delightfully sweet, gentle chocolates and caramel note with a breath of exotic vanilla.
Finish: Balanced and lasting.
Drink recommendation: Pure, with ice and over ice cream, in the coffee and of course for mixing.

Best Jamaica coffee beans are roasted, ground and given to highly concentrated alcohol distilled from sugar cane. The unique flavours develop in the following quiescent phase.

List of ingredients: Colouring: caramel E150d
E numbers: E150d
Further details
Country of origin: Italy
Address: Via Archimede, 243, 21047 Saronno (VA) Italy