The Snow Grouse Blended Grain 1,0 Liter

A remarkably light and creamy whisky with vanilla taste.
1 liter - 40% ABV
With colouring
currently not available
Article: The Snow Grouse Blended Grain
Country: Scotland
Whisk(e)y type: Scotch Blended Grain
Producer: Matthew Gloag & Sons Ltd.
Alcohol: 40%
Colour: Light amber
Taste: Sweetish, tasty, light, soft and delicate.
Drink recommendation: Serve seriously chilled.

Named - in dependence to The Famous Grows - after the Snow Grouse (Lagopus Mutus), which is an extremely cold resistant bird living in the Scottish Highlands.

In 1896 Matthew Gloag takes over the family business, founded in 1800, and enters the flourishing market for blended whiskies. He creates a whisky called "The Grouse Brand" and his daughter Philippa draws the Red Grouse, the Scottish national bird which becomes the world-famous label and trademark.

Only a couple of years later since the whisky gets so popular one adds "The Famous"  and simply leaves out the name "Brand". The name of the to this day so popular whisky "The Famous Grouse" was born.

The enterprise was taken by Highland Distillers in 1970.

Further details
Country of origin: Scotland
Company: The Edrington Group
Address: 2500 Great Western Road Glasgow, Scotland G15 6RW
Distributor: Edrington Sweden A.B.
Address: Luntmakargatan 46, Box 5314, 10247 Stockholm, Sweden