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Suntory The Hakushu Single Malt 12 Years

A well-balanced, fresh and crisp, unique Single Malt.
Age 12 J. - 0,7 liter - 43% ABV
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Article: Suntory The Hakushu Single Malt  12 Years
Country: Japan
Region: Yamazaki, Kyoto
Whisk(e)y type: Single Malt
Distillery: Hakushu
Bottler: Suntory
Age: 12 Years
Alcohol: 43%
Colour: Shining golden colour
Flavour: Flavours of green apples, pears, a hint of citrus, fresh green leaves, with a gentle smoky note.
Taste: Crisp, smoky oak note, sweet parched pears.
Finish: Gentle and dry, delightfully smoky.
Awards: 2009: Gold medal at the IWSC

Suntory's second Distillery Hakushu (opened in 1973) is situated in the midst of the deepest woods of the Japanese southern alps at the feet of the Mt Kaikomagatake and is probably one of the highest lain in the world. It is commonly known as "The Forest Distillery". Established with the aim of developing new types of distilled spirit. There is a special microclimate here.
The cold, moist weather inside the vast forest of Hakushu, and the water from the renowned Ojira River, rated among Japan's finest, is of a rare purity and softness by filtration of rain and snow by thousand year old granite stones, help to create as uperior whisky at a slow, leisurly pace.

List of ingredients: Malt Whisky (distilled from malted barley ), water.
Further details
Country of origin: Japan
Company: Hakushu Distillery
Address: 2913-1 Hakushuchotorihara, Hokuto, Yamanashi Prefecture 408-0316 - Japan
Distributor: Beam Suntory Deutschland GmbH
Address: Unterschweinsteige 2-14, 60549 Frankfurt am Main