Studer Swiss Highland Gin 42,4%

0,7 liter - 42.4% ABV
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Article: Studer Swiss Highland Gin
Country: Suiss
Region: Canton of Lucerne
Producer: Distillerie Studer
Alcohol: 42.4%
Characteristics: The distillery Studer mixes tradition with innovative and creative ideas. At the juniper, the main ingredient, one trusts on the oldest juniper dealers of Europe, extensively regional herbs and spices otherwise are used. Traditional spices like juniper, lavender, lemongrass, coriander, ginger and Java pepper are used for the Swiss Highland Dry Gin. These are distilled one by one and mixed afterwards. Reduced with the purest alpine water from the own sources of the distillery on the alcoholic content of 42.4% ABV.
Taste: Fine with tasty note.

Originally the family businesses Studer founded in the Swiss Escholzmatt in 1883 was a flourishing liqueur and sweetmeat factory. After a devastating fire within the year 1922 and the toilsom reconstruction of the production one concentrated exclusively on the distillation of local noble sorts of fruit. Thanks to the creativity and will-power typical of the family Studer the enterprise came through two World Wars and the international business could be extended highly successful.

The enterprise is led in the 4th and 5th generation today and manages the excellent splits between tradition and responsible inheritance as well as creative imagination and modern product developments. The values of the great-great-grandparents are transferred in future, too: Love of the detail and greatest respect for the products of nature.

Traditional recipes, best raw materials as well as a team of experienced employees are the secret of success and the guarantor for the highest quality for more than 130 years. The Studer Destillerie is the mostly awarded distillery of Switzerland. 

Further details
Country of origin: Swiss
Company: Studer & Co AG
Address: Distillerie, Freiheim 6182 Escholzmatt - Luzern Swiss
Distributor: Bremer Spirituosen Contor GmbH
Address: Gisela-Müller-Wolff-Str. 7, 28197 Bremen