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A special liqueur with excellent qualities
0,7 liter - 35% ABV
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Article: Stichpimpuli-bockforcelorum
Country: Germany
Classification: Herb liqueur
Producer: Klosterbrennerei zu Kloster Walkenried
Alcohol: 35%

The name consists of abbreviations of herbs and root statements:

STICHos is called- a big crowd of herb extracts,

PIMpernut= Nut flavour,

PUlque= Agave juice,

LIebstöckel- Lovage and privet bush award the flavour,

BOCKsdorn- buck thorn is healthy like aloe,

FORle= Pinewood juice,

CErealie grain fruit= Double grain,

LOtus- Birdsfoot trefoil= calm the stomach,

RUM= Sugar cane juice

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Klosterbrennerei zu Kloster Walkenried GmbH
Address: Dankerser Str. 24, 31737 Rinteln