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Starka Russian Vodka 0,50 Liter

From a traditional Russian recipe.
0,5 liter - 43% ABV
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Article: Starka Russian Vodka
Country: Russia
Alcohol: 43%
Characteristics: Extremely distinctive flavour which almost reminds of the complexity of whisky.
Colour: Amber
Drink recommendation: Best enjoyed neat, either chilled in the traditional Russian way or on the rocks.

Starka vodka - literately means "aged/old vodka".

Starka Vodka is produced using an authentic and traditional Russian method; pure spirit distilled from selected rye grain is filtered through birch charcoal and quartz sand. During the ageing process port wine and brandy are added to the spirit along with an infusion of fruits and pure spring water.

Further details
Country of origin: Poland
Company: Szczecińska Fabryka Wódek „STARKA” Spółka z o.o.
Address: Jagiellońska 63/64, 70-382 Szczecin, Polen