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Spitzmund Gin Rosé

Limited Edition - Gin Rosé from a small distillerie in Schleswig-Holstein.
0,5 liter - 44% ABV
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Article: Spitzmund Gin Rosé
Country: Germany
Region: Schleswig-Holstein
Producer: Spitzmund
Alcohol: 44%
Characteristics: "Handcrafted". The gin consists exclusively of natural products and contains neither pigments nor "artificial" flavours of any type. It gets its soft pink gleam exclusively by the refining with select, fresh and ripe strawberries of a little ecological farm from Schleswig-Holstein.
Taste: Fruity, supple but also nutritious notes.
Drink recommendation: Best purely or with a high-quality Tonic Water.
Number of bottles: bottles numbered by Hand.

The name Spitzmund refers to the consumption situation: When leading a glass "Spitzmund" close to the mouth one purses the lips in anticipation of the enjoyment to the mouth. 

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Spitzmund A. Werner
Address: Waisenhofstraße 11, 24103 Kiel