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Spitzmund Gin Navy Strength 57%

0,5 liter - 57% ABV
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Article: Spitzmund Gin Navy Strength 57%
Country: Germany
Region: Schleswig-Holstein
Producer: Spitzmund
Alcohol: 57%
Characteristics: Handcrafted from best contents. (Juniper, plum, coriander and further botanicals). Natural products are exclusively used. Without any kind of additives or flavour extracts. Therefore every rank can be at least different from the previous one -  however, this exactly means "handcrafted".
Taste: Mellow, harmonious, floral and round; balanced in the taste.
Drink recommendation: Best with red grape juice, purely or classically with a high-quality Tonic Water.. It is recommended depending on the tonic water to garnish with a rosemary twig or with a grapefruit zest. Of course this gin is also excellently suitable for cocktails.
Number of bottles: 555

The name Spitzmund refers to the consumption situation: When leading a glass "Spitzmund" close to the mouth one purses the lips in anticipation of the enjoyment to the mouth. 

Recipe suggestions:

Kieler Brackwasser
by Uwe Christiansen - Bar Christiansens`s

4 cl Spitzmund Gin
3 cl Espresso
1 cl caramel syrup
Shake al strongly, serve in a pre-chilled peaked cocktail glass and decorate with a dried apple slice.

New Nordic
von Christoph Prange - Oreby Kro, Sakskøbing/Dänemark

5 cl Spitzmund Gin
5 cl cucumber juice
1 cl lemon juice
1 cl Lillet blanc
1 dash of cider vinegar

Violett Spitzmund
von Aleksander Zivkovic - Hotel Kieler Yacht Club

5 cl Spitzmund Gin
1 fresh egg white
2 cl grape juice
2 dashes soda water
1 dash of grenadine
Shake gin, egg white and grape juice and fill into a tall glass on ice. On top two dashes soda water, add frozen grapes and round off with a dash of grenadine.

Little Spitz
von João Manuel Sousa - Waterkant, Neustadt in Holstein

4 cl Spitzmund Gin
4 cl raspberry syrup
2 cl Lime Juice
2 small pieces of a fresh ginger
Ginger Beer
Shake all ingredients apart from Ginger Beer on ice strongly and strain into a tumble-drier on ice. Fill up with Ginger Beer and mix carefully.

Spitzmund Yuzu Tea
von Tomáš Gyen - Brand Ambessador Monin

5 cl Spitzmund Gin
1 cl fresh lime juice
6 cl green Jasmin Tee
1.5 cl Yuzu purée
1 cl Lemongrass syrup

Red Gin

5 cl Spitzmund Gin
150 ml of cranberry juice
Garnish with an apple slice.


5 cl Spitzmund Gin
2 cl Lychee liqueurs
1 cl fresh lime juice
15 cl passion fruit nectar
2 cl Cassis floated

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Spitzmund A. Werner
Address: Waisenhofstraße 11, 24103 Kiel