Sister Isles Wine Barrel Reserva Rhum

Age 8-10 J. - 0,7 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Sister Isles Wine Barrel Reserva Rhum
Country: St. Kitts and Nevis
Producer: The Hacienda Rhum Company
Age: 8 - 10 Years
Barrel: 6 years maturation in the British Antilles in former bourbon barrels.
2-4 years in Spanish red wine casks (Marqués de La Concordia) made of American and French oak.
Description: Distilled in the pot still method from molasses.
Alcohol: 40%
Flavour: Gentle notes after vanilla and toffee caramel.
Taste: Wonderfully silky with notes of oak and red wine.
Finish: Long lasting and full of character.
Further details
Country of origin: St. Kitts und Nevis
Distributor: The Hacienda Company Spain, S.L.
Address: C/María de Molina 40.60, 28006 Madrid, Spain