Tequila / Mezcal

Sierra Gold Reposado 3,0 Liter

Unmistakable in the taste.
3 liter - 38% ABV
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Article: Sierra Gold Reposado
Country: Mexico
Producer: Sierra
Alcohol: 38%
Colour: Lager golden
Taste: Mellow tequila, which develops its warm hue and gentle taste by a longer barrel storage.
Drink recommendation: Purely, however with cinnamon and orange.

Sierra Gold Reposado will be produced, according to the strict laws of the Mexican government, exclusively from the hearts of a special agave type, the blue agave "Tequilana Weber". Only a distillate, which is produced by this special agave type and from the cultivable area enclosed exactly is for the province Jalisco, may wear the designation of origin "tequila". Only 8-10 years after the cultivation the blue agaves are ripe and can be reaped. The heart is distilled twice.

Further details
Country of origin: Mexico
Company: Destilerias Sierra Unidas S.A. de C.V.
Address: Puerto Altata 1131-2 Circ. Belisario Guadalajara, JA 44330 Mexico
Distributor: Borco-Marken-Import
Address: Winsbergring 12-22, D-22525 Hamburg