Schierker Feuerstein 0,02 Liter

Already 1924 the pharmacist Willy Drube obtained the patent for his legendary herb half-bitter liqueur .
0,02 liter - 35% ABV
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Article: Schierker Feuerstein
Country: Germany
Region: Harz Mountains, Schierke / Bad Lauterberg
Classification: Herb half-bitter liqueur
Producer: Schierker Feuerstein GmbH & Co KG
Alcohol: 35%
Characteristics: Deep red and palatable.
Drink recommendation: Enjoy well chilled purely or on ice cubes with lemon, bitter lemon or chilled lemonade. Also with champagne as a "king fire" and as grog a true taste experience.

Recipe suggestions:


2 cl sugar syrup
3 cl lemon juice
5 cl Schierker Feuerstein
Ice cubes or crushed ice


2 ice cubes in a flat glass
4 cl Irish Cream liqueur
2 cl Schierker Feuerstein

Schierker Sunrise

1 cl Lime Juice
15 cl passion fruit nectar
2 cl Schierker Feuerstein
2 cl grenadine
give ingredients except for grenadine with 3-4 ice cubes into a shaker and shaken well approx. 10-15 sec, then pour in the grenadine

Witch Drink of the Harz

2 cl Schierker Feuerstein
2 cl Blue curacao
fill up with approx. 0.1 l of bitter lemon


1 lime, divided into eights
2 tsp cane sugar white or brown
press with a wood pestle, fill up with a crushed ice
add 6 cl Schierker Feuerstein and mix all with long bar spoon briefly

Allergens: Non
Nutrition notes
Type of nutrition: Glutenfree, lactose free
Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Schierker Feuerstein GmbH & Co. KG
Address: Brockenstraße 3, 38879 Schierke am Brocken
Best before date: Non