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Santa Teresa Anejo Gran Reserva 0,7 Liter

Santa Teresa Gran Reserva is suitable for mixing perfectly.
0,7 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Santa Teresa Añejo Gran Reserva
Country: Venezuela
Producer: Santa Teresa
Age: Matured up to 5 years in oak barrels.
Alcohol: 40%
Colour: Golden
Taste: Very aromatic, tasty, slight fruit note, caramel, a breath of vanilla. Light and silky body
Finish: Firm, tasty.
Drink recommendation: Ideal for mixing with fruit juices and soft drinks.

The family business Santa Teresa offers not only a rum among many but has a tradition of over 200 years. Every single rum gets improve carefully in oak barrels and is a pleasure for the gustatory nerves of an expert. The noble spices of their rums are very aromatic and have a harmonious taste fullness. They can be very soft in the taste but stand out nevertheless due to strong flavours. The company had increased the possibility of taking part with their single rum types to international rum competitions. This was rewarded at the "Caribbean Week" in 2000 in the category "Premium Rum" with the Silver Award, for example, as well as 2001 by the Bronze Award.

Further details
Country of origin: Venezuela
Company: Ron Santa Teresa CA
Address: Hacienda Santa Teresa Carretera Panamericana, El Consejo Estado Aragua - Venezuela Código Postal 2118
Distributor: Bacardi GmbH
Address: Hindenburgstrasse 49, D-22297 Hamburg